Changing the main email address on the client's account

Email address that is listed as the main email address in the client account is the main channel of communication. The request that is sent from these addresses are only valid request on the basis of which we can take action regarding the security of accounts, changes in your account and services.

We recommend that for the main email address always use one email account at all times have access to. It is recommended that others do not have or have limited access to this email address in order to prevent abuses.

If for some reason you need to change the main e-mail address, you can do it by one of the following ways:

1. Email address can be changed independently in your client account. Log on to (access information you received from us after opening your account in AdriaHost). In part Your information, click Edit:

A page My data will open. In the E-mail address, instead of the current address, enter the full name of the new email address.

To save a new email address, click Save changes.

2. We can change email address for you, if you send a request from the existing main email address.

3. If for some reason you lose access to the main email address, but at the same time you can not even access the client area, you can provide us with a request to change the existing email address as follows:

    • Legal entity - It is necessary to provide us with a scanned or photographed requirements with letterhead of company. On request it is necessary to specify a new email address that will be used in the future. The application must be stamped and signed by the legal entity.
    • Individual - It is necessary to provide us a scanned or photographed request to change the email address. In addition to the request, it is necessary to provide us scanned identity document on behalf of a person who is registered as the owner of the (identity card or passport).

These requirements we can forward the email address with any other email address.

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