Registration and activation of .RS domains

Registering a domain name is the first step towards creating an internet identity. This applies to both individual and legal persons. The domain registration process can be done online on authorized registries sites.

Before you start to register a domain, we suggest reading the domain name recommendations: How To Wisely Pick An Excellent Domain Name.

If you have already decided which domain to register, go to the next page where you can immediately check domain availability (whether it's free to register): Check availability and domain registration here.

On the same page you can see and order national and international domains with different extensions (.rs,, .com, .net, .org ...).

It's good to know before registering

  • You can do the domain registration process yourself or authorize an individual or firm to be an administrative contact. It is important that you or your firm be the Registrant in order to have the domain in your possession (an engaged person or firm will be an administrative contact).
  • One registrant can register an unlimited number of domains, regardless of national (.rs,, .srb ...) or international domains (.com, .net, .me, .info ...).
  • The fee for registration and maintenance of the domain is paid to the authorized register according to his price list. Prior to payment, the authorized register has no obligation to the registrant, nor is the domain reserved in advance for the registrant.
  • Domains are registered according to the right of priority (the owner is the one who first registers). For example, if two authorized registers access the registry and initiate the registration of the same domain for their client, it can only be entered by the registry that first registers it.
  • By registering the domain name, the registrant declares that the registration of the requested domain does not offend the intellectual property right or any third party's subjective right, and that all the information specified in the application for registration is correct.

The Registrant is obliged to provide accurate and valid data when ordering domains:

  • For individual persons (valid for registrant, administrative and technical contact):
    • Name and surname, address of residence, e-mail address and phone number
  • For legal entities (valid for registrant, administrative and technical contact):
    • Name (business name), address of the seat, registration number, e-mail address, phone number, name of the contact person

Registration of domains from the point of the future Registrant

Registration of a domain name is done in two steps:

  • Request - ordering domains with an authorized register (ordering domains on the site)
  • Payment of the proforma invoice submitted by the authorized register

The complete domain procedure looks like this:

  • The potential registrant requires registration of domains from an authorized register. In doing so, it supplies the necessary data and gives the authority to process the data. In doing so, it may also require data protection, whereby they will not be visible in the public register.
  • The authorized register determines the identity of the potential registrant, as well as the validity of requests and data. If the request and data are not complete, the authorized registry requires a supplement to the data. If the data corresponds, the authorized registry submits the domain registration fee.
  • After the payment has been made, the authorized register sends a request for domain registration using the Registration System. In doing so, the domain information is uploaded to the Registry Database and domains are considered to be registered.
  • The authorized register shall notify the registrant of the successful registration of the domain.

Activation of domain name

The domain becomes active on the first next update of the DNS table on DNS servers. The DNS table is refreshed 12 times a day, in two-hour intervals.

Immediately after activating a new domain (no later than 3 business days), the registrant receives an email to answer within 20 days. Registrant need to click on the link to confirm registration and domain information.

Confirmation of registration and domain information

Domain registration confirmation is the obligation of the domain registrant in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of National Internet Domain Names.

The procedure is as follows:

  • The system sends an automated notification to the e-mail address of the registrant, the administrative and technical contact. The notification includes a link to activate the domain. The activation deadline is 20 days.
  • By activating within 20 days, contact data is verified.
  • If activation does not occur within 20 days, RNIDS deactivates the domain name and notifies the registrant and administrative contact about it.
  • The domain name remains inactive until registration and data are verified. The registrant may request a reset of the activation email. After confirmation, the domain becomes active.
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