Basic concepts of domain name registration

  • What is an Internet domain? - Internet domain is a set of data that describes a single administrative-technical entity on the Internet. These data may be the addresses of computers (servers), resources, or applications on a domain.
  • What is the name of the Internet domain? - It is a text tag that a user registers for his needs. This tag is an address that allows the domain to be addressed and found on the Internet. The name becomes active after the entry of data in the DNS table of the Internet Domain Register and the table is activated on public DNS servers.
  • The register of the national Internet domain is an electronic database in which the names of the national Internet domains and the data relating to them are kept. The National Domains of Serbia (.RS and .СРБ) are managed by RNIDS.
  • What is a ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domain)? - The National top-level domain is linked to the international two-digit country code (eg .RS domain).
  • What is IDN (Internationalized Domain Name)? - This is an internationalized domain name. These are domains that are not written in the English alphabet, such as .СРБ.
  • What is gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain)? - This includes generic Internet domains of the highest level. They are related to abbreviations and general terms. They are also called global Internet domains and include: .COM, .ORG, .NET, .EDU ...)
  • What is DNS (Domain Name System)? - This is a domain name system that allows the domain name to be translated into an IP address. If there were no domain and DNS, people would have to remember complex IP addresses.
  • DNS server is a server that connects the names of the Internet domains and the corresponding IP addresses. When someone enters, e.g. "" on the Internet, the computer contacts the DNS server and asks for the IP address of that domain. The DNS server then server the domain information from a database called a DNS zone or a DNS table.
  • Whois service provides a public insight into available data on registered domain names. It is also used to get information about whether a domain is free or busy. If the domain is busy, Whois displays information about the owner, administrative and technical contact.

Terms important for domain registration

  • The registrant is the person to whom the domain name is registered. The registrant may be a domestic or a foreign, individual or legal person. These are end users of the domain, but not their owners. Practically, the registrant is a tenant of a domain for a fixed time, not shorter than one year and not longer than ten years (after the expiration of that period additional lease may be made).
  • The authorized RNIDS registrar is a legal person with headquarters in Serbia, which is authorized by RNIDS to perform the tasks of registering national domains .RS and .СРБ.
  • RNIDS (Foundation "The National Internet Domain Register of Serbia") is a professional, non-governmental and non-profit foundation established in 2006 to manage the Registry of national Internet domains. Management is done by ICANN's decision.
  • The administrative contact is an individual or legal person authorized by the registrant to administer the domain on behalf of him and to provide RNIDS with all data related to changes in the domain. It is authorized for all changes except for changing registrant and sensitive data about it.
  • Technical contact is a individual or legal entity, authorized by the registrant to supply and send data to RNIDS on behalf of the registrant and to solve technical issues.
  • RSreg 2 is a system for registering an internet domain names for registers of the national top-level Internet domains .RS and .СРБ.
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