Blocked IP address in the server Firewall

This blockage occurs when you try to sign in to cPanel, Webmail, FTP account and create a multi-input incorrect or inaccurate information (username and password). Server will then temporarily block your IP address and from that moment you will not be able to access services in the next hour.

If it happens that server block your IP address more than 4 times in one day, your IP address will be permanently blocked until the technical support does not carry out manually unblocking.

The aim of the blockade is to protect your administration tasks from attacks and harmful activities (punching random passwords by entering a possible template). If you make yourself repeatedly enter an incorrect password, the system will identify such activity as malicious and block the IP address from which you come.

To unblock your IP address is only required to open a ticket from your client account and provide us with the IP address from which you access, and you can find out by visiting the following page:

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