Changing the main domain of hosting package

Changing the main domain of the hosting package pulls certain changes and actions to be taken before and after the change. 
This change, which appears as a change from the Business Plus - to the Business Plus - includes the following:

  • Before any changes we recommend to backup your site and all the important emails you want to keep. Keep in mind that this change may affect the your site as well as e-mails that is already received.
  • All email addresses that are created on the existing main domain (example: will be automatically changed to the name of the new domain name (eg new address shall be: Keep this change in mind and pay special attention here.
  • If the domain (New primary domain) already exists on the hosting package as addon or parked domain, prior to placing this domain for the main domain, you need to remove it from the cPanel. We recommend that you make sure to backup all the important sites and email messages that you want to save before removing the domain from addon or parked domains.
  • The site, which is located on the main domain is displayed by default from /public_html directory. The new main domain will automatically display a website that is in this folder. You will need to place the files for new main domain in /public_html folder in order to display correctly.
  • After changing the name of the main domain on the hosting package, when you know that this is done, you should take a change of links in the scripts of your site. If the website been found in the domain, it is necessary that all the links that contain this domain change to contain a new domain We encourage you to make this change in a cooperation with the person who carried out the creation of your site, or with the person who maintains your site and is aware of the functionality of the same.

Changing the name of the main domain is performed by our technical support and there is no option to do this from cPanel. Once you have completed all the necessary preparations, contact us and ask for the necessary change.
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