What is Dedicated server?

A Dedicated server is a physically separate machine - server, reserved for one user and the applications (sites, mailboxes) that he places here. The important difference in relation to shared hosting or VPS server is that the user does not share the machine with anyone and has all server resources available only for user needs. Other characteristics of Dedicated servers are in many ways similar to VPS servers: their own operating system, applications, IP addresses.

The difference between a Dedicated server and shared hosting

In shared hosting, more people share the same server and share both the resources and the IP address. If some users endanger the reputation of the IP address (sends SPAM), all other users of this server have a problem. There are other restrictions here to prevent abuse, such as a restriction in attempts to send to incorrect or non-existent email addresses, a limit on the number of sent emails in one hour, a limit in the number of inodes (the number of files on the account), the inability to access the settings on server level (you do not have SSH access) and the like.

On the Dedicated server, the situation is completely different. All resources are used by the user who has leased the Dedicated server. In case of any problem, the user has access to the whole situation, logs on the server level and can take any action to solve the problem. Of course, all resources are used only for themselves without any limitations.

The difference between Dedicated server and VPS server

On the VPS server, multiple users share the same hardware resources in such a way that more virtual servers are made from one physical server. All users are separated and use only the resources assigned to them. VPS users do not affect the work of other users, nor endanger their resources while using a separate IP address that is not connected to other users whatever they do. How much will the user use depends on the package he has leased out, and the packages are determined by the hosting provider.

On the Dedicated server, all hardware resources are assigned to one user. A dedicated server uses all resources (CPU, RAM, discs, IP address) in the way it suits it. It can even create separate cPanel accounts and assign different resources to different accounts (for example, it has more sites, some are more important than others, and allocates more resources).

Why should it go to the Dedicated Server?

- Soon you launch an advertising campaign on national television watched by millions of people every day. Your site will suffer the load of the visit and you need resources to keep the site online.

- You have a company of 400 employees, all of them have e-mails, and it's important that every email arrives at a destination without delay and the e-mail loss is a scenario that should not happen.

- You are a design agency that makes sites for your customers. Instead of renting a hosting for each client, rent your server and hold all your customers together.

- You have a portal with inflammatory topics that can easily overwhelm the Internet, cause millions of visits a day or DDOS attack.

- You want to connect your microwave and coffee maker to your site or application :) and get it all on email and let the delivery boy take it somewhere.

What you can get on a Dedicated server?

- You get all the resources that are on the leased server. For example, if you purchase a Dedicated server with 20 CPU cores, all processor power is reserved for your server's work and nobody else is using it, if you buy a server with 128 GB of RAM, everything belongs to you, the same is with disks.

- Private, just your dedicated IP address

- Reverse DNS for site and e-mail

- 1GB/s link for server traffic

- Advanced security and custom modifications

- Root access for your developers and administrators

- Sending e-mails without restrictions

- Dedicated backup in the time that suits you

- Premium backup in a geographically remote location (on request)

The Dedicated Server Specification Offer is located on the page Dedicated servers

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