What is VPS server?

VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is a way of partitioning of a server into multiple virtual servers. Every VPS server can run on a different operating system, with different applications installed, independently from other users.

The difference from shared hosting is that user has full root access and full control over the installed operating system and applications. Having its own IP address is one more advantage over shared hosting.

We support some of most popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora.

Every VPS server can be configured and restarted independently from other users.

VPS differences between Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is a way of distributing one server so that it can be used and shared by a larger number of users. This means that on this server there are also a number of sites that these users are setting up and using. In addition to sharing server shares and resources, IP address and email server, shared hosting recommends to companies and individuals with smaller sites, blogs, and presentations that are not email dependent and do not have big hardware requirements.

On the other hand, the Dedicated server is designed for stronger users whose sites have millions of visits, high loads and users who have every email important, daily/hourly backup and dedicated protection against malware and hacking. This type of hosting allows one user to use a complete server machine for themselves and their site.

VPS is somewhere in between, in terms of functioning and by price.

What is VPS and how does it work?

The VPS technology is something similar to VMware and Virtual Box technology. This method allows multiple independent virtual servers to run on a single Dedicated server with different operating systems. If you've ever installed the Virtual Box on your computer, you've seen that you can use Ubuntu, CentOs, Lubuntu or Kubuntu at the same time.

Server virtualization works similarly. It is possible to run multiple VPS servers on one physical machine, so multiple users can have their own separate and independent server. Each user can even restart his own VPS for himself and this does not endanger other users who also use this physical machine.

Advantages of VPS Server versus shared hosting:

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Dedicated resources
  • SSH and ROOT access
  • Server restart
  • Dedicated configuration as needed
  • Operating system as needed

Advantages of VPS Server versus Dedicated hosting:

  • It's more economical.

Here you can see and order the VPS server: VPS servers

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