Read before creating Addon domains

Before you start with creating addon domains you must redirect name servers to hosting. Creating an addon domain is not possible if the propagation of DNS is not completed.

To create an addon domain please login to your cPanel and click on "Addon Domains".

The next three fields are required to successfully create an addon domain:

  1. "New Domain Name" - Enter the name of a new domain (eg:, should not be placed in front of the www!
  2. "Subdomain / FTP Username:" - enter the same name as the domain name without the suffix are (eg: novidomen). IMPORTANT: You must check whether there is a route map - public_html directory, a folder with the same name (eg: novidomen). If there is already a folder of the same name should change his name, otherwise you can create a new addon domain there is a possibility that the contents of the current folder is lost, and the new site will not be functional.
  3. "Password" enter the password of your choice (in the "Password (Again):" enter the same password).

In the end, click on the "Add Domain".


When creating an addon domain, enter the domain name without the www prefix and the system itself will be made for the name of the folder that will be the root of the new addon domain and create a folder, can not create a folder yourself before that. The password can be set up whatever you want.

It does not have to be the same as the domain. It is not necessary to create a subdomain for an addon domain.

FTP account is automatically created for the addon domain, so that you reconnect via FTP client will enter directly into the newly created folder that is the root of your new site, where you will be able to upload files. If you want to change the password for the newly created addon domain using FTP Manager.

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