How to change hosts file?

If you want to look at your site with our server, and your domain is inactive or directed to another server, it can be done as follows:

For Windows OS:

1) Open My Computer on your PC

2) Open the partition on which Windows installation is located, usually C:

3) Open the folder Windows - System32 - drivers - etc

4) Within this folder you will find the hosts file

5) Open it with your text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad + +, Dreamweaver)

6) At the bottom of the file, add a line in the format:

IP address


7) Save the file and look at your site with web viewer.

For Mac OS:

1) Open Terminal app
2) Type in: sudo nano /etc/hosts and press Enter
3) Enter user password and press Enter
4) hosts file will open in Nano text editor, so enter the line in following format: 



5) Save that with Ctrl+O
6) Exit from Nano editor with Ctrl+X

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