URL Redirect Methods, Forwarders

301 Redirect

Search engines like Google prefer 301 (permanent) redirects. These redirects can be changed and erased as desired. The 302 (temporary) redirects behave similar to 301 redirects; however, they are less favored since they redirect visitors and search engines without updating the bookmark.

Masked Forward and HTML Forward

You can accomplish something similar to a masked forward in cPanel. This is known as a parked domain. Using this method, the parked domain name will show in the browser address bar while displaying your primary domain's website.

Advanced Questions

1. How do I redirect my website to another IP but still keep my email here?

You must customize your A record. This record controls where you domain's website is hosted.

2. How do I redirect my subdomains to another site at the DNS level?

This is done with a CNAME record. This record controls each subdomain name like wwwand mail.domain.com.

3. How do I redirect my emails to another server?

You must customize your MX record. This record controls which host your emails will be delivered to.

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