Unable to sign into cPanel, I don't see website, emails don't work

In the event that you normally use your hosting account, and suddenly you do not see your site, you can not log in to cPanel / FTP or mail, it is only one of the following situations:

  • You tried to log in to cPanel / FTP with incorrect data more than 10 times within 5 minutes.
  • Your FTP client is incorrectly configured and made a large number of connections to server
  • You tried to sign in the mail with incorrect data more than 10 times within 5 minutes.
  • Your computer contains a virus or other malicious software, which has tried to make too many connections to your site

In any of these situations, your IP address is temporarily blocked by our firewall system for an hour, because it is marked as a threat. If over a period of 24 hours, your IP address is temporarily blocked four times, your IP address will remain permanently blocked.

You can check the settings of your FTP client, for example, an FTP client FileZilla real unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the server, if it is not set otherwise. We suggest that you set your FTP client to make 10 simultaneous connections to the server. In particular, the FileZilla client, you can adjust this setting by clicking on the Settings -> Transfer -> Concurrent transfers under the "Limit for concurrent downloads" and "limit for concurrent uploads" enter 10.

Alternatively, if you are using a system of assigning dynamic IP address from your ISP, you can restart your modem / router to get a new IP address.
If you do not manage to solve the problem on any of the above ways, you can contact technical support via ticket and describe the situation.

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