Reference to viruses and website hacking

You are responsible for your website's security, and we are responsible for server security. Be vigilant and act circumspective: hire a web designer/developer to help you out, or if you're working by yourself, update your CMS regularly and follow website security tips.

If you endanger server security by not securing your website - we will be forced to act by taking the following measures:

  • Your account will be suspended in order to prevent further harm to our server
  • We will advise you to remove malicious code from your website and fix all security flaws
  • We will offer you to restore your website from backup, but please have in mind that we do automatic backup once a week, and if malicious code on your website is older more than 7 days, it's probably still in your backup too
  • Even if we restore your website from backup, it doesn't mean the problem is solved, because hackers can compromise your website if you do not fix all security flaws
  • If you are not familiar with website cleaning and finding and removing malicious code, we can help you out but please have in mind this service is not free and that the price depends of time that is necessary to fix the problem
  • Still, we can't fix security flaws on your website, and we advise you to hire web designer/developer to do it for you
  • This is very important because your website will be removed from server after your website is hacked 2-3 times in a row.

If your website is having security flaw that can't be fixed in 2 hours, you will be notified and your website will be suspended until you fix it, or until you agree to restore your website from backup.
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