How to migrate your website without downtime?

Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Follow our steps to ensure that your migration is smooth and painless.

Step 1

The first step is to buy a new hosting account. Make sure you do not cancel at the old hosting provider, and tell them you will not be cancelled because they can prematurely terminate their services and cause a jam.

Step 2

At this point, you should have hosting orders in two hosting provider (old and new). You will now migrate to full site from the old server to the new one. This can be done by connecting to the old host FTP and download all the files, and then connect to the new host FTP and upload all the files. If you choose AdriaHost as their new hosting provider, we'll move your site for free!

Step 3

You have to do a database backup old host (contact for instructions) and upload the backup file to the new host via FTP. Import database from these files, but it can be done through cPanel's phpMyAdmin. E-mails do not migrate, but you can archive your e-mails from the old server. This can be achieved by accessing the address of the POP3 protocol, so all the old e-mail messages are downloaded to your local computer. The new host will not have those old e-mails, but the new host will receive new emails.

If you choose to AdriaHost be your new hosting, we will migrate your site (files and database) for free! If your old host uses cPanel, we will be able to migrate emails.

Step 4

Once you have copied your website on both hosting accounts, it is time to change the DNS records of domains

Your new host will provide you with the exact name of the name servers (DNS)

Nameserver usually look like this:

Once you get the correct DNS, you need to contact your Registrar with a request to change the DNS records. You can send an email with your new nameservers and they will know what to do.

If you purchased your domain with AdriaHost, we are more than happy to help you or even make changes to your DNS records.

Step 5

Once you have the DNS changes made, you have to wait 24 hours to the domain propagates. During these 48 hours, your DNS varies around the world, and your site will be randomly loaded from any old server or the new server. After propagation is completed, your site will only be loaded with a new host.

After 48 hours have passed, the updated DNS will be fully functional. Now you can contact your old host and cancel their service. If you purchased a domain from your old host, do not cancel your domain name registration.

If you have completed all the steps above, you have successfully changed their hosting without delay!

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