How to upload my website?

To successfully set up your site to be visible on the Internet, it is necessary to set up your site to your hosting package. You can upload your website from your computer or from another server. First you need to have an account with AdriaHost. Then:

  • Locate your site on your computer.
  • Select all the files of your site and put them into .zip archive (right click, add to archive)
  • When the site is placed in the .zip archive, login to your cPanel by with your username and password you received from us
  • When you log in, click on the File Manager, and enter the folder called /public_html
  • Click to upload, select your archive in which the site is located
  • When placing the site on the server is complete, return to the File Manager, select the archive and click on Extract
  • If your site is static, ie does not use a database, you have successfully set up a site on the Internet, and it is visible on your domain
  • If the site uses a database, click on MySQL databases in cPanel and create a database user and assign it
  • Click on PHPMyAdmin, select the database you created and click on Import. Select sql file from your computer that you previously created and click on the Go

If you fail to upload your website, AdriaHost can help setting up your site on a server, as well as migration to another server, it is necessary to send as an attachment site on  or request for migration with login parameters.

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